Organization is one of the keys to minimizing tax liabilities, which is why Anchor Accounting Services LLC provides an array of accounting, bookkeeping, and payroll solutions designed to ensure proper records are in place for Tax Preparation and Tax Filing.  We assist entrepreneurs, sole-proprietors, LLCs, corporations, and an array of small-business owners. Let us help you with filing your personal tax returns as well as preparing W-4s and filing corporate tax returns with ALL applicable schedules.

As your full-service accounting experts, we will help you:

  • File 1040 Personal Returns with ALL Applicable Schedules
  • Prepare W-4s for Employers
  • Organize Documents for Filing Appropriate Tax Returns
  • File Corporate Tax Returns (1065 Partnership /1120s – S Corp Returns) with Applicable Schedules
  • Issue K-1’s to ALL Members and Partners

Trusted Tax Service Providers

Anchor’s team of associates provides accounting expertise for an array of small and medium-size businesses across Florida. Our experience includes providing accounting and tax services in various types of industries.  Depending on the formation of your Florida business, our team will take the time to help guide you toward proper tax preparation solutions and tax filing services.

Call Anchor Accounting Services LLC at (352) 812-4097 for more informationWe will be happy to answer your specific questions about our Tax Filing Services.